Antdroid IEM Ranking List

The Antdroid Tier List for IEMs is a compilation of three main categories: Tonality, Technicality, and AntGrade with a weighted scoring system of 20%/20%/60% respectively.

The AntGrade is just my personal grade which is based on sound, fit/feel, and other more subjective biases. Remember, "tonality" and "technicality" is supposed to stand on its own, they still may and will have bias applied to it from me. I am not a robot, even if my user name may imply so.

There is also a unique Value score. The higher the score the better. This rating is based on the price of the IEM and its total score and runs through a personally created algorithm to make the value score. The maximum range is -TBD to +10. This is a Work In-Progress!

Feel free to post comments below or visit the thread on the Headphones Community forum where I can answer questions and discuss here:


  1. maybe nice addition -- color code the prices based on the country created. Example -- make all US based iems blue shaded -- make all China red. Or don't want to go to country level, go Asia one color, go Europe another, etc.

    I think you'll notice that the list is Asia-American focused.

  2. kinda bummed to see the Tia Trio ranked so low :P

  3. Where would the Moondrop S8 sit on your list?


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