Antdroid's Headphones Ranking List

The Antdroid Tier List for Headphones is a compilation of three main categories: Tonality, Technicality, and my own Preference Grade with a weighted scoring system of 15% 15 % and 70% respectively.

The Preference grade is just my personal grade which is based on sound, fit/feel, and other more subjective biases. Remember, "tonality" and "technicality" is supposed to stand on its own, they still may and will have bias applied to it from me. I am not a robot, even if my user name may imply so.

There is also a unique Value score. This is a auto-generated score based on the price to performance ratio of each IEM versus the entire population. It'll give up to 3 stars for best value at their price points, and also show "X" for ones to avoid as poor performers for their price point.

Feel free to post comments below or visit the thread on the Headphones Community forum where I can answer questions and discuss here:


  1. Has anyone yet pointed out the $1K pricing error for Hifiman HE6SE v2?

    1. Its on sale for $700-ish 100% of the time its in stock, so I think that price is accurate.

  2. Is this list with or without eq? Also what makes the focal clear better than elex?


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