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Primary reviewer and site creator.

More info about me is on my personal site

I listen to music across a wide array of genres. I primarily listen to rock, jazz, instrumental stuff, and folk/bluegrass/country. I also try to mix in some hip hop, EDM, and pop music into my review time depending on the headphone.

My preferred sound signature is a neutral signature with a lean towards slightly bright, which provides more intricate details and more airy presentation. I prefer my bass to be linear with a very slight warm boost.


Reviewer who primarily post reviews on /r/Headphones on Reddit and Head-Fi under the same username.


For those unfamiliar with my content, I mainly post on Head-Fi as a reviewer but I am also known for dishing out impressions of IEMs I have heard.

Podcast Team

Overlord Rush

The Host/Anchorman


The unknown one


The overly technical one


The Producer