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Written Reviewers


Primary reviewer and site creator.
More info about me is on my personal site


Reviewer who primarily post reviews on /r/Headphones on Reddit and Head-Fi under the same username.


For those unfamiliar with my content, I mainly post on Head-Fi as a reviewer but I am also known for dishing out impressions of IEMs I have heard. 


Boneburglar goes by Max_Costco on Reddit and can also be found as "Max" on YouTube.


Manthisis is the newest addition to the Audio Discourse team and is a fan of Sennheiser headphones.

Podcast Team

Overlord Rush

The Host/Anchorman of the Podcast team. He asks the tough questions and demands the "right" answers.


Leneo aka Ken is a moderator on the popular In-Ear Fidelity (Crinacle) discord channel and is an audio enthusiast hailing from Singapore.


For those unfamiliar with my content, Tork mainly posts on Head-Fi as a reviewer, but is also known for dishing out impressions of IEMs.


Producer and Site Creator.

Previous Members


Precogvision has a YouTube and Blog dedicated to EDC reviews and is now branching out to audio reviews. He is now part of the team!