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Audio Discourse officially started in 2020, however it lived its previous life known as In 2020, Antdroid started adding additional contributions from the audio community to the team and re-branded the site to Audio Discourse.

Audio Discourse gets over 330K site views per year (1/3 million) across every part of the world. Statistics shown below are for the past 6 months as of October 2020.

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American-based primary reviewer and site owner and creator.


Our Canadian reviewer who primarily post reviews on /r/Headphones on Reddit and Head-Fi under the same username.


Our Singapore-based impressionist. For those unfamiliar with his content, Toranku mainly post on Head-Fi as a reviewer but is also known for dishing out impressions of IEMs and IEM brands.


Boneburglar goes by Max_Costco on Reddit and can also be found as "Max" on YouTube.


Manthisis is the newest addition to the Audio Discourse team and is a fan of Sennheiser headphones.

Podcast Team


Leneo aka Ken is a moderator on the popular In-Ear Fidelity (Crinacle) discord channel and is an audio enthusiast hailing from Singapore.


Our Singapore-based impressionist and audio-saavy technical jargonist. For those unfamiliar with his content, Toranku mainly post on Head-Fi as a reviewer but is also known for dishing out impressions of IEMs and IEM brands.


Producer and color commentary.


New host of the Podcast show based in Singapore. He is known to share demo gear with fellow enthusiasts at audio shops in the city.

Former Contributors

Overlord Rush

The Host/Anchorman of the Podcast team. He asks the tough questions and demands the "right" answers.


Precogvision has a YouTube and Blog dedicated to EDC reviews and is now branching out to audio reviews. He is now part of the team!