Audeze Sine: Pad Rolling Measurements

The pads shown are these generic BlueCell HD212 pads from Amazon:

As you can see, the fit nicely with the Audeze Sine with NO adapter. It's just large enough for my ear to fit inside, but not as comfortable as the MSR7 pads. They are more comfortable then the stock pads as the depth of these is 15mm, which is more than the stock. The MSR7 Pads I am using are about 20mm for reference.

As for sound, these sound great. Probably the best of the pads I've tried with Audeze Sine and I don't think I need EQ.

To show it graphically, I measured the three variations with MiniDSP EARS:

The stock signature is blue
The HD212 pads are pink
The MSR7 pads with adapter are in yellow.

It may appear in this graph that the pink one has recessed mids, but really, it follows closely to the Harman Target curve pretty well actually through out. There is a bit of roll-off detected down in sub-bass region, but that is how it is stock as well. It doesn't sound like you are losing bass in that region but it measures that way.

The MSR7 is just too bright, and requires EQ, however it is super comfortable....The stock pads are vocal forward while presenting neutral highs, but not very comfortable.The HD212 pads presented here are overall the most neutral sounding, but still has slight bright sound signature -- something rather close to what I like in my Hifiman HE560.