Tin Audio T2 Pro: Exclusive First Look!

Full T2 Pro measurements and mod data from my MiniDSP EARS was tested and is found here: http://www.antdroid.net/2018/09/tin-audio-t2-pro-mod-measurements.html

This is a first look at the upcoming Tin Audio T2 Pro in-ear monitor. These will be debuting on Massdrop on Monday Sept 17th.

You'll be able to purchase it using this link. (Link may not be active until launch)

The T2 Pro is the successor to the popular and my-so-called Budget King IEM, the T2. The T2 was super popular because it offered an neutral sound signature with good detail and build quality under $50. While the pricing for the T2 Pro hasn't been announced and wasn't revealed to me, I will say, that this slight design change has made the headphone improved.

Tin Audio T2 Pro vs Tin Audio T2: Frequency Response measured by MiniDSP EARS

While I can't describe what's going on inside the housing, cosmetically, the major and only noticeable difference between the two new and the former is the missing screen at the tip of the nozzle in the new Pro model. The previous model had a screen that I believed was used to capture ear wax and other debris. The new one forgoes this screen.

Note: I am wondering if my sample was missing the screen. The stock photos show a screen on the Pro model and another early preview video has a screen on the Pro as well.

The result? Again, I can't say this is the only thing that caused the change, but there is a noticeable increase in detail and "air." The more open sound is engaging, energetic and smooth, while not being sibilant and excessive. Now, that said, I do appreciate a more neutral-bright signature, so some may find the increase treble worse.

For my quick-comparison, I swapped out the tips on both IEMs with brand new rebound foam tips, which is my preference for the T2. I also had both on separate balanced 2.5mm cables, but then decided to use them on the same cable after a while as I was having problems with one of them.

I find the treble boost, as shown in my measurements, closer to some higher end IEMs and over-ear headphones which have better extended treble. The biggest issue I found with the original model was the lack of treble extension, and this new Pro model seems to have improved this.

Addition: Regarding the treble boost: As I stated before, many songs sound like there's more detail and more "air." A good example is Real Estate's Past Lives. The beginning has a little drum/cymbal loop that sounds a little grainy and missing liveliness with original. With the Pro, the cymbals crash with energy and the vocals following sound more alive than before. It's subtle, but convincing enough for me. It takes a lot of the rock and folk music I enjoy and makes them more natural and open sounding. I am digging the improvements, as subtle as they may be.

That said, I am so far really happy with what I am hearing in this new model. I will post a full review in the near future, but just wanted to give everyone a quick peek at this before it goes on pre-sale at Massdrop on Monday!

Tin Audio T2 Pro vs 2013 Standard Speaker Flat Compensation Curve

Tin Audio T2 Pro vs 2017 Harman Target for IEM

For Reference, this was posted by Tin Audio on Twitter:
  1. T2 PRO adopts the newly developed composite unit of TINHIFI. Emphasize high quality bass. More delicate neutral, better treble.
  2. Re-customize the higher quality 3.5MM true plug, only for transmitting more pure signals.
  3. superb work, and high quality texture.
  4. one step in place 5N8 core manual fever grade oxygen-free copper silver plated wire.
  5. gift-level packaging, (high-quality accessories)

Regarding item #1:
So, here's something weird. The T2 Pro supposedly " T2 PRO adopts the newly developed composite unit of TINHIFI. Emphasize high quality bass. More delicate neutral, better treble. " according to Tin Audio's twitter account. I didn't notice anything different in the bass region and my measurements seem to agree with that.

Now that said, Head-Fi'r Slater mentioned that his early T2 unit had blue "gunk" under the screen which when removed extended the bass response. The version I have, which is 5 months old, does not have blue "gunk" under the screen. I wonder if this was changed in a revision of the T2 and is incorporated into the Pro model.

Disclaimer: I was given a review sample by LinSoul Tech to provide an unbiased review/preview of the Tin Audio T2 Pro. The full review will come in the near future. I was not paid or given any incentives for providing my unbiased opinion. The original Tin Audio T2 was purchased own my own.