Knowledge Zenith BA10: Re-Visiting this Odd IEM

I had written a review on the KZ BA10 a while back (posted earlier on this thread) and it wasn't very flattering. I had complained about comfort and it sounding dark, yet very treble sharp, and just wonky.

Well, for whatever reason, I received a new set of BA10s today in the mail completely out of the blue along with another IEM I was expecting to review (Tenhz P4 Pro). I decided to give the BA10 another listen since it showed up.

It still fits terribly. I felt pain almost immediately in my left ear and very soon after in my right ear, and looking back at my review a month ago, this also occurred.

The stock tips fit the best and provided the best "comfort", however, again, they had the weird dark tonality and very harsh upper mids and treble. Like daggers jabbing you in the ear.

I decided to quickly tip-roll like I did before. I tried a new silicone-hybrid (foam+silicone) tip I made a couple weeks ago and it fit well as well but they were SUPER bright. Very harsh, yet still had over-done bass. (i.e. V-Shaped -- not my thing)

I then tried a set of Rebound foam tips and they sounded more balanced. But fit was terrible. Pain was immediate on both ears, but at least they sounded more U-Shaped. The treble was still very sharp, very peaky, and over-done. Bass was toned down surprisingly though. But again, I can see why people may like it because it is very detailed, but I found it too bright and that's coming from me who likes brighter headphones.

In the end, they are KZ's signature V-shape. I just don't think I am a fan.

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