Vokyl Erupt: Prototype Feedback Tour Impressions

The Vokyl Erupt is crowdfunded gaming headphone that is currently available on Indiegogo with 6 days left as I type this. You can find it here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/vokyl-erupt-gaming-headphones-with-nc-boom-mic#/

The Erupt is being developed by the folks from JDS Labs, makers of the O2, ODAC, Element, and other popular headphone amp/dac equipment. I was given the opportunity to preview a prototype of their upcoming headphone and provide feedback to them on the version of the headphone I received today. I only have a couple days with them but I am allowed to post some photos and give some very brief impressions -- But I do want to note that this is a prototype and may not be the final product. 

The company will be taking our feedback and tuning it for the final product. 

Here's my initial impressions I posted on the official feedback tour Head-Fi thread.

Timing was perfect, since today is a beautiful autumn day in Seattle with clear sunny skies and perfect time to take these out for a quick photoshoot out on my deck.

Just some quick impressions on the build quality:

Just as the promotional photos look like - they look and feel like you're wearing an AKG headphone. But since the cups and gimbals are machined metal, they do have a premium look and feel to them as well as add a little bit of weight over the AKG headphones I have. Comfort-wise this does not seem to bother me so far but I have not listened to them for extended period of time. I'll add more impressions on sound and extended comfort this weekend.

The perforated cups look better in person than in photos. It's quite an intricate design and looks stylish without going over the top like many gamer-targeted headphones do. This a semi-open design and it does leak sound out.

The pads that came with this particular set are perforated leather (or pleather - cant really tell). I believe different test units have different pad configurations. These ones are very soft and comfortable, though they aren't totally snug in the housing and can move around a little easier than I'd prefer. Pads of course can change the sound signature, so I'll have to listen more and provide Vokyl my feedback.

Overall, I have no complaints on the exterior finish and build of the headphones. I think Vokyl has picked a nice pleasant design on this prototype build.

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  1. I put $325 on these so keen to hear other peoples thoughts on them!

    1. I will post what I can tonight or tomorrow. I have to give it on to the next person in line to try them tomorrow.


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