Quick Review of the NiceHCK EP10 EarPhone

Price: $17 on NiceHCK Ali Express Store (sometimes less!)

I paid $7.99 for it during the 11.11 Lucky surprise bag promotion. You didn’t know what you were going to get, but this is what everyone got and it’s quite a good little earphone for this price!


Extremely well built. Nice braided cable and a solid metal Apple EarPod looking earphone. It has replaceable tips which is nice. Fits most standard 4-5mm bore sized tips. The stock tips are quite bassy, and I swapped it out with some generic Jaybird X3 tips from Amazon. And I love the how it reduced the bass and made the sound more U-shaped than the original V-shape sound.


It is on the bassier side, but again, with some tip choices, you can minimize the bass. It has extremely good detail for this price. I am actually shocked how much detail it has. It follows a V/U-shaped sound signature that is similar to the KZ AS10, shown below. The mids are slightly recessed, but does spike upwards towards the upper mids and has another peak in the treble. This isn’t too bad in practice, and I found it quite harsh and muddy, at first, with stock tips. Whether it was through “burn-in” or just replacing tips, the peak is no longer a problem. I actually find the sound signature a warm, inviting and detailed signature. Due to the elevated bass, some tracks will still have some mid-bass bloat, but for the types of music I’ve been listening to lately, this isn’t typically a problem.

Soundstage is medium-ish.

NiceHCK EP10 vs KZ AS10

NiceHCK EP10 vs KZ ZSN and Tin Audio T2

Graphs were created using MiniDSP EARS and REW. Both graphs are Diffuse Field compensated.

The KZ AS10 sounds more bloated less detailed than the EP10. I would take the EP10 over it. It also fits a lot better for me.

I still prefer the ZSN over the EP10, but the EP10 is so comfortable to wear, that it’s a toss-up. Different sound signatures obviously. The ZSN has a more balanced sound, as does the T2.

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