Solaris - Measurement Thoughts

I recently measured a demo unit from and a brand new unit I bought (also from and the two units matched in FR. I use the same coupler Crinacle has. I am not doubting Crin's data at all by the way. In fact, using the same coupler, it's pretty hard to get very outlier measurements if you use the same technique and tips each time you use it. 

Now all of this said, I only recently performed these measurements in the last couple weeks. Crin's data came from early on at around launch of the product. There very well could have been variation then and engineering tolerances or quality assurance improved since then to create more matched products now -- which I measured.

It would be interesting to measure a few more units if I had the opportunity to.

Here's the demo vs personal unit measurements. There's about a +/- 1-2dB variance between the two when normalized to 1KHz. I measured at 80dB @ 300Hz using marshmallow foam tips.


  1. Hey Antdroid. I own a pair of OG Solaris and I heard you have an EQ profile for these that fixes the upper midrange dip. I am wondering if you could share the EQ profile with me? Thanks.

    1. Here is the graphic to my EQ settings:


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