ZMF Verite Measurements & Thoughts

I recently picked up the ZMF Verite in a limited Mahogany wood that is supposedly quite similar to the production Silkwood option. I decided to finally get around to measuring the various pad options and hope these can be help for you all. I actually do not have the stock Verite pad, but instead have the mysterious BE2 pad, the Universe Perforated Suede, and Universe Perforated Leather pad options

My favorite pad to use so far has been the Universe Perforated Suede. This pad does have a more neutral sound, though the ZMF is still generally a laid back tuning. But the comfort level is extraordinary. The pad is incredibly soft, gentle, and one you can wear for hours on end.

The BE2 pad has a similar sound, albeit a bit more treble focused. The Universe Leather, I found to have a little more bass elevation, though not necessarily captured in this graph.

I put them all up with the Focal Elex as a baseline (in gray). The Elex was my go-to headphone previously, and I find it noticeably brighter, more dynamic and faster, and punchier. That's not to say the ZMF is missing any dynamic range or quick transients -- its not. It's just Focal really excels in that department, and really shows how well the Elex is. I prefer the ZMF Verite for long listening sessions as it's warmth and laid-back tuning with fast driver speed and wonderful resolution make it a very enjoyable listening.

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