Peacock P1 & Guide Ray GR-I18: First Impressions

First Impressions

Peacock P1

  • Beautiful and stunning design. 
  • Great fit, and packed with accessories.
  • Comes with a bluetooth cable!
  • Big punchy bass, a little smeared
  • Mids are lacking detail
  • Treble is a little harsh and can be pretty bright
  • V-Shaped Sound Signature
  • A little generic sounding, but more detailed than brick & mortar store headphones

Guide Ray GR-I18

  • Simple purple translucent design. 
  • Good fit, slightly larger than Peacock P1 but still average to small
  • Simple accessories package
  • Subbass is present, channel matching is off between sides in bass region
  • Mids are lacking detail
  • Treble is on the laid back side, has a peak but I didn't hear it (yet)
  • V-Shaped Sound Signature
  • Kind of generic and boring sounding. Warmer and laid back. 

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