Shozy V33 Earphone Review

The V33 is a new earphone by Shozy, which is a company that has been making in-ears and higher end ear buds for a little while now. For me, I have yet to hear any of their ear bud offerings, which have been generally praised. As far as in-ears go, I have not liked any of the ones I've had a chance to listen to, so is the V33 any different?

The short answer is, no. It's not very good.

First off, this review sample was provided to me by Linsoul. If you still want to purchase this unit after reading this review, the direct link to the product can be found at the following links:


There are two models available. The V33 is an aluminum housing, while the V33 Pro unit features a stainless steel housing. I imagine they both share identical sound signatures, but I can not confirm this. Both feature a nice and attractive silver-colored copper wire cable with metal 3.5mm stereo connector and splitter. The cable is not detachable however. The set also comes with a small quantity of silicone tips.

The V33 is a bullet-shaped IEM which means it can be worn cable-down for convenience. I found the fit to be a little tricky at times, but tip rolling does help find the right fit. The fit is rather shallow which is part of the issue.

The outer-shell features a vinyl record appearance which may be fun for nostalgia or hipsters and generally isn't too distasteful. This theme rolls into how they went about tuning it, I guess.


The tuning is just not very good. It presents everything I heard in a low-fi haze and there's really nothing that I enjoyed when I used these earphones. I honestly don't know what Shozy was really thinking besides they wanted to get vintage look and "vintage" sound of old audio recordings and slapped this tuning onto this IEM. I guess there may be people out there who enjoy that, but I don't know if I can totally recommend this for the masses.

The upper mids are very far recessed in this IEM which I found similar to the Campfire IO I reviewed earlier this year. In fact, that was the first thing that came to mind when I put these on. They sounded like a very technically poor, cheap, and worse sounding IO -- which I did not particularly like either.

I never found myself wanting to pull these out of the drawer in the past month and half that I've had these in my possession. I would only because I knew I needed to put some feedback on these out there but they never struck me as anything I would ever want to recommend to anyone.

The tuning starts to sound wrong when you put on any female vocal track. The lack of upper mids, all sloping downward, with a rise in the treble make this IEM unique in it's tuning. With the IO, the tuning at least had some semblance of mid-range,  albeit very odd in its own right. The V33 instead has very little of the area I value the most, and while there are some IEMs that do sound decent with a lack of midrange boost, like the Andromeda from Campfire, I tend to find all of these special tunings not my thing.

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