First Impressions: AKG K371 and KZ ZSX

AKG K371

First Impressions:

This is the newest closed-back headphone from AKG, who is part of the Samsung/Harman International family of brands. The AKG brand has taken on the Harman Preference Target curve as their AKG House sound, while it's sister company JBL has added bass emphasis to this target for their lineup of headphones. If you read my previous review of the Samsung Galaxy Buds, you'll know that I appreciate this tuning a lot!

So, first impressions?

  • Subbass is present!
  • Treble is a tad hot, bright, maybe too much
  • Not the best resolution and speed
  • Good sense of space and width for a closed-back
  • Feels well-built and folds very compactly
  • Pads are comfortable, though may be a little small
  • Sounds good for a $149 headphone you can find in your local Guitar Center or other audio/recording store

Knowledge Zenith ZSX

First Impressions:

The latest KZ, dubbed the "Terminator", has a new shell design that is pretty comfortable despite looking a tad ridiculous. Similar accessories as usual.

  • Feels nicer than I'd expect at $50
  • Tuning is balanced and surprisingly well done
  • Slightly hot occasionally in treble region
  • Bass is warm but lacks definition
  • Generally it's well tuned, and similar sounding to me to the Solaris or Z1R, but with much worst technicalities, resolution, etc.
  • Surprised by this effort by KZ
  • Measurement posted here:

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