First Impressions: ZMF Aeolus, Thieaudio Phantom, TRN V90, KB Ear Hi7, and BLON BL-03

Another First Impressions post, but this time with a variety of new headphones and in-ears!

ZMF Aeolus Ziricote Limited

Courtesy loaner from Darthpool.

Thieaudio Phantom Planar Magnetic Headphone

Provided by Linsoul
  • Nice lightweight build
  • Headband is functional, despite being ugly
  • Stock pads are shallow and not really my thing. Remind me of Hifiman Velour pads but softer.
  • Stock tuning is very dark. Bass doesn't extend to subbass well, mids are recessed and missing, and treble is also missing. Very dark. Not really happy with it.
  • Removing the pads reveals a THICK foam layer covering the driver!!
  • Removing this foam layer brings back mids and vocals and starting to sound better.
  • Pad changes to literally anything else (I tried several ZMF, brainwavz and Dekoni pads), makes treble and mids more present and much more balanced and closer to a good neutral tuning.
  • Modding is required for this one -- once modded, reminds me of Hifiman Sundara



Provided by Linsoul

    BLON BL-03

    Provided by Linsoul

      KB Ear Hi 7

      Provided by KB Ear


        1. I see you have notes when a hp is too bright -- do you have a short list of IEM and headphones you like?

          1. I had started to make a ranking list, but I never finished. It's a lot harder than I thought it would be.


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