Shouer H27 Review

Shouer H27 – Quick Impressions

This will be a quick take on the Shouer H27. Why quick? To get it out of the way, I’m not going to recommend these, as they don’t bring anything new to the table, and they really just sound pretty medicore, especially at their asking price.

The H27 was provided me from Linsoul, who are a wonderful online store, and the product can found on their official store page at

The H27 is a triple driver hybrid with 1 dynamic driver and 2 balanced armature drivers by Knowles. The in-ear drivers are encased in a nicely shaped aluminum housing and comes with a clean, elegant looking silver braided cable.

The H27’s general sound signature is slightly warmer than neutral and bright tonality. I found that while bass presence was there at times, that it felt very loose and sometimes goes missing. The mid-range is slightly recessed and so it does sound a little thin due to the large 1KHz and beyond emphasis. This makes the IEM sound rather bright, shrill and sometimes harsh and fatiguing, depending on the music selection and volume I was listening at, as well as recording quality.

The H27 does provide a nice decent detail retrieval for its price, with average to above average clarity at its price range. Instrument separation is average and imaging is just OK. I found the soundstage to be wider than average of other IEMs I’ve heard at this price range as well.

Overall, I personally would pass on this IEM. It’s a little pricey at $109 and for that, you can get much better executed IEMs like the Tin Hifi T4 or the TFZ No 3 if you like more bass, or if you spend just a smidgen more, the Etymotics ER2 series.