Impressions & Measurements of Samsung Galaxy Buds+ True Wireless

The Samsung Galaxy Buds+ is the newest iteration of the true-wireless ear phones from Samsung. These feature a larger battery life on both the earphones themselves as well as the charging case. In addition, they added a second driver to the unit with one handling treble exclusively.

I really enjoyed the original Galaxy Buds a lot and you can read my review of them here:

My first impressions -- well, there's a noticeable difference in bass quantity right off the bat, as well as an increase in the upper mid-range and treble. The bass quantity is massive, especially in the subbass region and you can feel the music hit more with a great low-end rumble and has improved texture and decay that was somewhat missing in the original Galaxy Buds.

The upper-midrange and lower treble seems to be a bit more elevated with more energy up top. This, I feel isn't needed, but sounds OK in the Normal and Soft settings. When using some of the other equalizers, mainly Dynamic, Clear, and Treble Boost, it can be quite sharp and sibilant. That said, I do find Treble Boost to be a really nice sound for acoustic music, classical, and jazz, with perhaps a small drop in the 2dB range from 2-8KHz.

The bass setting is a disaster and has no energy past 1KHz at all. I highly do not recommend this.

The soft tuning gives a more warm and laid-back sound, when compared to the normal setting, however it still seems a tad shouty.

Generally speaking, I think that the resolution may come off a little more clear and resolving, though that could just be the additional energy up top that gives off a false sense of clarity. Still, it does feel like parts of this Galaxy Buds+ unit is an improvement, especially on the lower bass region, with some pros and cons with the rest of the spectrum.

I'll post a full review at a later time when I've had more time on it. But in the mean time, here's some graphs for your analytical enjoyment:

Some Initial Comparisons:

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