Dunu DK2001 Review

The DK2001 is a 4-driver hybrid in-ear monitor (IEM) from Dunu. This colorful IEM comes in orange topaz, turquoise green, and a more traditional obsidian black color choice with each model looking pretty stunning. The model I received from Dunu directly was orange, which I find to be striking yet elegant at the same time.

The round metal housing is essentially the same as the DK3001 Pro model I recently reviewed. I received both of these at the same time, but spent more time with the higher priced model first, and have now moved on to the $299 DK2001 model, which caters to a different crowd.

The shells house a single beryllium dynamic driver and 3 custom Knowles balanced armature drivers, 1 less than the DK3001 Pro. The shell houses mmcx connectors which attach to a really nice set of Dunu cables – which are the same or similar to the DUW-02 cables that Dunu sells separately. This cable, like many of the new Dunu cables, comes with a swappable connector that lets you switch quickly between different sources, such as 3.5mm and 6.35mm headphone jacks. Those two connectors are included with this set, and you can also purchase 2.5mm, 4.4mm and 3.5mm balanced separately.

Also included in the box is a vibrant blue carrying case, as well as a large selection of tips. This includes 3 different sets of silicone tips and a set of foam tips. Also included is a cleaning brush.


Like the vibrant color choices, the IEM screams “fun” and so does its sound signature. The DK2001 showcases a warm sound that also accentuates the upper mid-range and treble more so than the higher priced DK3001 Pro. It has many traits of a V-Shaped in-ear though I find it a little gentler in both bass and treble than a normal v-shaped sound signature.

The Dunu DK2001 handles bass pretty well. It’s not the hardest slamming or most impactful dynamic driver IEM I’ve heard, but it’s got a decent amount of rumble and slam when called upon. It doesn’t have a mid-bass hump and therefore I don’t think it’s super impactful as some other V-shaped IEMs, but for my preferences, I find the bass levels to be right about where I like it, and even slightly elevated.

Despite having a warmer than neutral bass response, they don’t seem to ever sound bloated and muddy, and that’s partially due to the faster decay and transient speeds of the Be driver. I think this really helps create a nice soundscape, which keeps the lower end controlled and rarely spilling into the lower-mids, while providing a nicer thicker tonality.

The mid-range is coherent, and has generally good timbre and tonality, though it is a little on the warmer side. There is a large rise into the upper mid-range which makes some vocals, specifically females, a bit forward, but I am one who prefers that to an extent.

The lower treble isn’t peaky like many other IEMs and this creates a smoother treble response. There is a small peak later on that creates the exciting fun sound but it’s controlled enough that I don’t find the DK2001 to become sibilant or fatiguing. In general, I think the warmer nature of the IEM dominates here and it creates a nice enjoyable sound.

Soundstage is average width and imaging is actually pretty decent. There’s good instrument separation which allows this IEM to not sound congested and handles busy tracks pretty well.


When comparing this with the more expensive sibling, the DK3001 Pro, I find the $469 DK3001 Pro to sound more mature and refined, with a more neutral sound that is also warm and toned-down and enjoyable across many hours of listening. While I don’t find the DK2001 as fatiguing as other IEMs, I could see that the V-shaped nature could be to some. The DK2001 is the sibling with a more vibrant outfit and stylish looks, and the sound follows suit, with some mor rough edges along the way.

That said, I find this to be a great package at $299 with a wonderful cable, case, and a generally good sounding IEM. I prefer the DK3001 Pro over this, but it does cost a bit more, and either one gets a recommendation from me. I’ve had some trouble finding a good hybrid IEM at any cost, and these two are pretty good, so they’ll get recommendations from me if you’re into either types of sound.

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