Audio Discourse - Rebranding

Over the past couple months, I have considered re-branding the website to something other than "Antdroid" or "Antdroid Audio." This was because, it feels weird to have an audio review site that just goes by my online persona name. I wanted to explore a new name that could introduce a community in some ways.

A few months back, Fc-Construct, joined the site with his own review content, which has seen a fair share of the review hits each month. I've always admired his reviews via Reddit and Head-Fi where we've exchanged some commentary back and forth, and then later on Discord where we discuss topics on a daily basis. This started the itch to really re-brand.

My first idea was to rename the site "Wholesome Audio" or jokingly, Super Wholesome Audio Friends.

The name came from a private discussion group a few of us were part of, but that private group dissolved eventually, and so the name seemed a little bit tainted and also just kind of weird, as it's more of an inside joke anyway.

Then, my favorite reviewer, Toranku, asked to get permission to post content and I couldn't turn that down. And so we became 3. And then last month, two others (Rush & Leneo) joined the team, making Podcast audio and video files, further expanding the base.

- -

Well, a few months back, I had bought a few domains, just for fun. One of them has stuck. It's Audio Discourse. The name is based on a website I had many years ago called Written Discourse. Discourse means to discuss, converse, and sometimes debate. Written is my form of doing this, and so the name was created.

Off-Topic, that site was actually originally named Broken Spindle, and it was a music album and concert review site that I started with a few friends that lasted 3-4 years. It later became Written Discourse when I forgot to renew the domain name and lost it.

Anyway, now it's about Audio, and we talk about it. So Audio Discourse was born.

The site URL is now however will still work for the near future.