Podcast #3: Interview with Crinacle Part II

The second-half of Audio Discourse's Podcast with special guest Crinacle will be released on YouTube and on various podcast outlets such as Spotify, Google Music, Pocket Cast, and Anchor FM on 04/17 at 10AM PST. 

This is the 2nd half of the interview with IEM reviewer, measurer, and now IEM tuner, Crinacle. Our host Rush discusses with Crinacle on how he developed the Dawn tuning and challenges him on various subjects such as The Campfire Solaris, and other hot topics of the recent past.

At either link, you'll be able to subscribe to our YouTube channel or one of your favorite Podcast services. We will add more as soon as we can, but currently are using Anchor.FM with Spotify and Pocket Cast as other options.

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