TRN BT20S Pro Review

TRN BT20S Pro Review by Fc-Construct. 
Edit: I made a mistake at 9:30. The Fostex TM2 takes MMCX, 2-pin, and Fitear jacks if you get the connectors for it. My bad. 
Full disclaimer: I was provided these from as a review unit. These are my honest thoughts about the product. They cost $70 on their website here (non-affiliate link): 
Overall, it's a good TWS adapter solution. Some small quality of life improvements could be had to the ergonomics of the case but there's nothing to really complain about for the audio quality except the seemingly unavoidable slight hissing and minor latency. $70 is a little steep considering you can get the Samsung Galaxy Buds for about that price if you get a good deal but if you're looking for a TWS adapter, it won't be easy to find something this good for this price.

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