Ear & Cheek Simulator at Audio Discourse

A month ago, Crinacle sent me a link to a new item that showed up on the Sounds Good Store on Ali Express -- the long awaited cheap Ear & Cheeks Simulator modeled after the GRAS 43AG. I quickly added it to cart and it arrived this weekend!

This is basically an artificial ear and mounting plate that attaches to the coupler that I already have been using for a while now. This allows for more accurate headphones measurements and it can still be used for IEMs and Ear Buds if needed. I've already tested it on IEMs with and without the ear plate, and they measure the same, so that's good news as well!

Here's some measurements I already took from this unit...

Sennheiser HD600


Hifiman Arya

ZMF Verite

Audeze Sine

E-Mu Rosewood

Koss Porta-Pro

Update: With the help of Crinacle, I have gotten a compensation file to make this more accurate and closer to the industry standard rigs and so these files above are based on non-compensated files. There is a small bump needed in the lower treble to make it more accurate!


  1. Is this ear/cheek replica still available somewhere? would really appreciate a link so that I could try it on my couplers. thanks a lot!

    1. Yes, I ordered mine via "Sounds Good Store" on Ali Express. https://www.aliexpress.com/store/group/iec711-Artificial-ear/5104102_516156967.html


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