Tripowin TC-01 Review

This will be a short and sweet look at the Tripowin TC-01 in-ear monitor, which was released at the very end of 2020. It is priced at $50 USD and was provided to me by Linsoul for review.

The TC-01 is packaged with a carrying case, a set of tips, a braided cable, and the IEMs. The cable is black-colored and is well-built and easy to use. It's one of the rare cables that come with the IEMs that I would plan on using at this price range. The hard nylon case is also a nice zippered variety and would also serve its purpose and work well in pockets or a bag.

The IEM shells are fully metal and have a mirrored look. They feel great and fit very well in my ears. The connectors are 2-pin 0.78mm and should be compatible with many aftermarket cables if need be.

I have no complaints about the accessories, build or comfort for this one. It's really nice for this price point overall.

Sound Impressions

The TC-01 has somewhat of a generic V-shaped sound signature that's milder than what a mass-market consumer signature would be. It's driven by a 10mm single dynamic driver and is generally well balanced, with a deep bass line that can hit hard, and slightly recessed mid-range, and a treble that is decently extended, though sometimes a little shrill.

For $50, I am really liking what I hear. When you compare this to its contemporaries in this price point from sister-company (??) KZ, TFZ, and other budget V-shapers, this one really stands out. This is due to very clean clarity, fast and quick transient response, and surprisingly good resolution. I also find its imaging and soundstage to be rather impressive for this price.

There isn't just width, but also well defined height with the TC-01, and I hear it when I'm listening to bluegrass tracks from Nickel Creek and harder rock music from Tool.

Overall timbre is surprisingly solid, though it does have a bit of a metallic sound to it mostly due to a brighter treble range that can be occasionally piercing or jarring.

I mostly like that it has a good amount of kick, and doesn't sound like its lost, which I can't say for many IEMs around this price point, and it can compete with things in the $100 or even more range.