Roon Theme Designer for Roon v1.8 (Updated)

Updated for Roon v1.8 (April updates)

Roon has some ability to modify the theme and create your own. I made some modifications to an existing Roon Theme Generator for Roon v1.8 created by David Nightingale on the Roon Forums and made it compatible with Dark and Light themes with some other changes to make it more clear and and less color-contrasting issues.

You can find the Theme Generator on the Roon Forum here:

For direct link to the current Theme Generator see below:


To use this:

  • Open the Google Drive/Sheets file, and MAKE A COPY of it to your own drive to make it editable.

  • Please edit the color codes to create your theme, and then copy the code on the left side.

  • Then go to your Roon Themes folder. For Windows, it is located here:
  • C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Roon\Application\100800756\Themes\

  • You can copy and paste one of the theme folders "Dark" for example. Then open up the copy and open the Name folder and give it a name. Then open the Color file and paste the code and replace the existing one.

  • Then Open up Roon and change the Theme to "Unknown" in your Settings. For the current version of Roon, it just shows these custom folders as Unknown. Hopefully that'll be fixed in the future.

Here's some examples of what I've worked on: