Audio Discourse Headphones Graph Comparison Tool Available

The popular tool made famous on Crinacle's In-Ear Fidelity and created by Marshall Lochbaum has now been ported over to this site and I've started populating it with over-ear headphones data I've collected since getting the latest clone of the GRAS 43AG system. This database is small, but will continue to grow. 

The next step is to create a second tool for In-Ear Monitors and perhaps a third one for ear buds down the road. The IEM one will take a bit more time due to the sample size of measurements, but will be up as soon as possible!

This project was started nearly 2 years ago when Marshall contacted me and asked to help bring his tool to life after successfully implementing it on Crinacle's site. After some initial time with getting it setup, I got stuck doing other things and never got around to finishing the task. A few updates have been made to the tool since by other users, and now the tool is even easier to implement than before!

Anyway, let me know if there's any issues with the implementation and provide any feedback!

Please check out the links for the Comparison Tool(s) on the far right link bar or in the Measurements page in the main menu above!

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