Audio Discourse IEM Graph Comparison Tool is Active!

Yesterday, we announced the Headphones Graph Comparison Tool availability, and today, we are happy to announce that the In-Ear Monitor (IEM) Graph Comparison Tool is available for use! Both of these are located on the right sidebar of the main Audio Discourse page, or in the Measurements menu of the main page.

View the product ratings on Antdroid's IEM Ranking List and/or Antdroid's Headphone Ranking List


  1. Awesome, thank you.
    Quite a difference between the two Harman cuves. I think I might like antdroid curve (HD600 sounding neutral to me).

    1. HD600 is my reference tuning for headphones, and my headphone comp is similar to the HD600 but with extended sub-bass and just a little more dampened upper-midrange. My IEM curve is got a similar sound, but adjusted for IEMs.


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