Campfire Quick Impressions: Dorado 2020 & Vega 2020

Campfire Audio recently released two updated versions of a couple products released in 2016: The Dorado and the Vega. These new iterations are simply called Dorado 2020 and Vega 2020. They do feature all new driver configurations and shell body material, as well as the updated Campfire packaging and accessories kits.

The Dorado 2020 comes in at $1099, and the Vega 2020 at $899. Both of these were loaned out to me from and I'll be providing a quick set of impressions on these.

First off, the Dorado's 2-BA, 1-DD setup of years past is now just a single BA and single DD setup, and both are crossover-less, meaning they are just allowed to fire out their natural frequencies. Like other Campfire IEMs, their designed and engineered chambers do the dampening to control the sound.

In the case of the Vega, it still remains a single dynamic driver unit, but features a new larger 10mm driver, while still maintaining the same shell size and looks. But, the shell material has now changed for both of these products from a metal body to a ceramic casing, with a metal nozzle. I personally do like this new look and feel more, and it does present a very premium finish. 

Sound Impressions

The quick gist so I don't trouble you, the reader, with extra words is, if you want a Campfire IEM and you want it to be fun and bassy, the Atlas is the better buy. Okay, now that that's out of the way, let's talk.

The Vega 2020

The Vega is bass. Bass is the Vega, If you only care about bass, the Vega's got you. It's low end is heavy, its muddy, and its there. The midrange feels like it is missing. If you don't care about female vocals, if you don't care about half your male vocals, this one has you covered. The treble area is dark but it has these big peaks that can cause ringing in my ear when I listen to a lot of cymbal and snares.

The Vega lacks a lot of definition, but it makes up for it with punch and bass. It's all about that bass, right?

The Dorado 2020

The Dorado takes the Vega's bassy bass base, and adds a BA to give you death spikes in its treble range. The mids are still missing, but not as apparently bad. The resolution is improved because there's now a BA driver to cover the mids and treble, but this one has a very bright treble range that for the most part is masked by the overdose of bass, but it'll be an additional layer of ringing above the Vega. 

If I had to choose one, I'd take the Dorado, but then again, if I wanted a fun Campfire IEM, I'd just get the Atlas. And if I really had to pick any of Campfire's products, I'd only buy the Andromeda 2020.

And that's about it!

Comparison Graph

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  1. wow what were they thinking releasing this, it took looking at the FR for 5 seconds to figure out these were shit.


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