Audio Discourse Graph Tools Interface Updates

The Audio Discourse Graph Tools have now been updated to the latest UI and UX updates for the "CrinGraph" tool that is now become a community collaboration effort. The latest changes include many implemented from Mark S of Super* Reviews fame, as well as myself (Anthony Nguyen), Banbeucmas, Crinacle, and the original designer of the tool, Marshall Lochbaum.

The new interface is a little more modern but does behave different than the original version. There are portions of the interface that will scroll vertically and portions that scroll horizontally, and depending on if you are using a smaller screen or window, there maybe be expanding and collapsing sections. Keep all of that in mind!

In addition to these changes the following Target Curves have been added or removed:


Added: Diffuse Field, Free-Field, In-Ear Fidelity Neutral, Optimum Hifi (Oratory1990), SonarWorks


Added: In-Ear Fidelity Neutral, BGGAR Reviews, Oratory 1990, Precogvision

Removed: Crinacle, Diffuse Field, Free-Field, SonarWorks  

Crinacle Target is outdated now, and the other targets do not really apply well to IEMs anyway. 

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