New Antdroid v3 Targets for IEMs and Headphones

After some considerations and more listening and more considerations, I decided to re-tweak my headphone and in-ear monitors targets a little bit, and now they fall closer to where they were originally on my initial releases.

For background on how the target curves came to be, check out the original Target Curve posts here.


In-Ear Monitors

The above two photos show the Headphones target, and the In-Ear target, respectively. For the headphones target, I increased sub-bass shelf ever so-slightly, giving it a 2dB shelf. The pinna compensation region was tightened up a bit, centering closer to 3.5KHz and smoothing out the treble range a bit.

For the IE curve, I increased the pinna compensation range around 3KHz and added about 2 dB into this area and put it back to where I originally had it a while back. The rest of the curve is essentially the same.

These two targets have been added to their respective graph tools, and if you want to download these targets or ANY of my hundreds of measurement data files for your own use, they are available, open-sourced, at GitHub.

Finally, for those who did not already know, the graph databases are constantly updated with new graphs as soon as I measure them, and that typically means IEMs are added on a weekly basis, without notifications, unless you check the tool often, or follow the GitHub project. Since my last update, there's probably been several dozen new products added to both tools.


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