Tipsy TTROMSO Impressions

The TTROMSO is a new IEM by Tipsy that is named, incorrectly, after the Norwegian town of Tromsø. The theme around the IEM is based on the Aurora Borealis, I'm presuming, with its color pattern and design. The IEM retails for $89, and is a single dynamic driver in-ear with a V-shaped sound.

The TTROMSO was provided for review by Linsoul, and can be found on their retail store at The unit comes in a single color choice of PineStone Sea blue/green, and has a matching blue-colored IEM cable with fabric sheathing. It does get tangled fairly easily, but is otherwise extremely lightweight and comfortable.

The shell has a sea-green and blue look, with something of a borealis or ocean/algae look. I can't really tell for sure. That said, this is an extremely easy to wear IEM that is very lightweight and small, and should fit comfortably with most ears.

Sound Impressions

The TTROMSO is a V-shaped sound, with a big un-neutered bass boost and a equally big gain in the upper-midrange and low treble. It actually quite resembles my budget favorite CRA from CCA, which came out recently at only $14 USD. Imagine the TTROMSO as it's wiser sibling with a slightly more refined technical performance, but with all the same boombastic sound and occasional tingly sharpness.

TTROMSO's bass is dirty, and it's not clean, and it is really not that detailed, but it has punch and slam. The dynamics are decent, and probably on-par with the CCA CRA, and that's a good thing for a low price. Now, of course, this model is 6X more in cost, but still relatively inexpensive in the grand scheme of things. There's a big leap in overall bass quality when you move up in the 2x price range for sure.

The mid-range is mostly dominated by the upper-mids here, and on some tracks, I do find it a bit blaring and glaring, with a sharp and tiring attack. While the CRA had those moments occasionally, I do find the TTROMS to be a bit more fatiguing here.

That said, the overall mids and treble quality is a step up from the CRA, with slightly better detail, slightly better separation, and a little bit better exactness. 

This IEM doesn't really blow its competition out and really kind of fits in-line with the rest of the under $100 price range. It's fun, and fits nicely, but I may consider spending my money on the CRA for a fun bass-heavy IEM and then using the rest of the money on a Moondrop Aria, and getting two solid IEMs with different styles for different music for around the same price as the TTROMS.