Tin Buds 3 Review

The Tin Buds 3 is one of the latest true-wireless in-ears from Tin Hifi. It's quite a cool presentation in that it comes in a small round metal charging case that looks quite sleek and fancy. The top slides open and reveals the two small and comfortable wireless in-ears. I really dig how the whole thing looks, and its still pocketable.

The downside of this style of case, however, is that I can't just throw this into my work bag without fearing that the case slides open on its own while its not facing flat and straight up. It's pretty easy to slide it partially open and then the IEM will immediately turn on, and pair with my phone. That can be annoying on my morning commute, when I have my phone paired to my car and then it switches over to the Tin Buds sitting in my backseat in a backpack.

The Tin Buds 3 have an interesting sound. At first, I thought they were alright, with a slightly bass boost and a treble emphasis. Over time and listening to a variety of other music, the cymbals and brass instruments really took a lot of me to listen to these for long periods of time. They present the treble range quite bright and that can be rather fatiguing and distracting. 

For music that doesn't have a lot of drums focus, or have a plethora of strings and higher frequencies, this may not be a bad choice, but with much of my jazz music and folk and bluegrass music, I found these to be a bit annoying at times.

Overall though, I actually think this is a decent set of true wireless in-ears. They have a nice street appeal to them, that look great and fit well, and the sound quality isn't too bad at all. I do admit, however, that I would rather listening to my Galaxy Buds series or Airpods, but they do cost more at regular price. 

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