LetShuoer D13 Impressions

I've had the LetShuoer D13 for quite a while now, and I feel a little bad about not getting to reviewing it until now. This $119 in-ear monitor features a 13mm dynamic driver in an all-metal housing that is comfortable and small. It is reminiscent of the Dunu DK series of IEMs in terms of shape and fit. 

LetShuoer sent me this for review and it can be found at various retailers including Amazon in the United States via the LetShuoer official store. 

The D13 comes with the typical black fake-leather zipper case which is small and compact, simple and attractive. It does its job. In addition, there is a brown-colored braided cable with 3.5mm and 4.4mm termination options. The cable features 2-pin connectors to the IEM channels. The unit sent to me was black-colored and with a 4.4mm cable. There is also a blue color version available.

The D13 has a generally balanced sound that leans a little north in the bass range, and a little south in the treble, given it a slight warmth and thickness to the sound, though I wouldn't call this IEM dark or really rich either.

There is a hint of sharpness in the upper mid-range around 1-2K that I find bordering bright on some tracks, however, it does make things occasionally more exciting. Some may find this a little distracting, which I can on piano jazz tracks when a key is pressed down harder.

The D13 has a nice thumpy bass, with fast transient response when compared to other dynamic driver IEMs. It's got some punch, but its not over-exaggerated and perhaps a little tame. The fast response helps with cleaner edges and a sharper sound, and those looking for a powerful thick sound may bit a little disappointed here. 

This is more of a balanced-neutral sound, and typically something I gravitate more to, but with so much out there now in this world with similar sound it's hard to pinpoint which is actually better than others. Sometimes, you have to look at what else the product comes with than just the sound. Many play on the same playing field otherwise. The D13, however, comes with a nice case, a good cable, and quality and comfortable build quality.

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