Signature Series Plug Update and the New Chamber Carrying Case Impressions

Today I have some long overdue impressions and thoughts on both Effect Audio’s update to their Signature Series plug options and their newer Chamber Carrying Case. Thanks to Jordon from Effect Audio for converting one of my cables and sending out the Chamber Carrying Case!

The Signature series cable links are below:

The Chamber Carrying case can be found here:

Signature Series Plug Update!

The Signature Series of cables now has the option to add their TermX plug or Performance plug during purchase. I was also told the cables can be sent to be converted over if those who already have the cables want the new plugs. I don’t have pricing on a conversion but both the Performance and TermX(Versatility) are an $80 charge when buying any of the Ares S, Cadmus and Eros S cables from Effect Audio. The Versatility(TermX) option will include the standard plug housing but it will unscrew and allow for swapping plugs for those wanting to switch between 3.5mm, 2.5mm and 4.4mm Pentaconn. The plugs are copper plated and all three plugs for swapping will be included. The Performance plug is an OFC copper plated plug that while not swappable, will be their “best performer” of the two options.

My Impressions

I really like the TermX system they have in place plus I prefer copper plated plugs over rhodium plated any day. I’ve done other reviews that included their TermX system before but I will say this is my preferred plug and I would personally buy their cables with the Versatility upgrade if you swap between single ended and balanced on DAPs or Desktop setups.

Now when it comes to the Performance option, I’m not sure how much of a difference the plug makes over the TermX option. I don’t have two of the same cables with the different plug setups to test so I have no sound impressions to provide and I'm simply gonna take Effect Audio’s word on this one. Those really hunting the best sound possible and that might care less about the “versatility” of the swappable TermX system will probably pick this option. 

Chamber Carrying Case

I was looking for a case I could use to bring some audio gear on trips or to work instead of just throwing everything in my backpack like I did in the past. The Chamber Carrying case came out at the perfect time and it ended up meeting my needs as well as acting as a case I could use for local audio gear meets. The case has a tougher feeling nylon mixed with a leather like material and stiff frame that feels strong enough to handle normal wear and tear. The flap to open the case is magnetic and also set up to buckle via the three buttons on the inside of the flap. The inside of the case is softer fabric that has adjustable partitions via straight bits of velcro slabs.  It also comes with a carrying strap you can run via messenger bag style or just on over the shoulder.

My Impressions

I like the size of the case and the fact I can stuff a bunch of stuff for some upcoming local meets with friends to try stuff out. I also used it on a flight to see some family and it was perfect for that use. I use it when I want to test review gear at work on slow days and it meets all my needs perfectly. I like that I can adjust the partitions inside the case as I need to without too much effort. The slides used to partition off sections are good but if you stretch out the case from stuffing something that doesn’t quite fit, it will cause the partition slide or slabs to come loose. Not the end of the world and I just learned to keep some oversized IEM cases out of the Chamber Carrying case. I really like that the opening flap is magnetic and it holds really well on its own. You can simply push the flap against the case and it will buckle into the buttons. It takes really no effort to secure the case which I was worried would be a pain on first look. Overall I think this is a wonderful case. I didn’t use the carrying strap since I didn’t need it for my specific needs but it looked like it wouldn’t break easily when I inspected the strap and the securing points.

Overall thoughts

I love the TermX system from Effect Audio and I love that they managed to fit the system in the same housing that comes on the standard Signature Series cables. While I can't comment on the “Performance" option since I don’t have a confident test setup, I do like that they have the option for those who want to go after the best components possible and squeeze out every bit of performance possible. The Chamber Carrying case, while a little bigger, has been used heavily since I take it and extra gear to work in my backpack and I appreciate the quality and layout of the case. I think the Chamber Carrying case is worth a look for those who want to carry more gear with them on trips or for simple storage purposes. Overall I think this is a nice update and as always, I look forward to seeing what Effect Audio comes up with next. Thanks for reading!!