Simgot EA500 & EW100P In-Ear Monitor Review

I was asked recently to review Simgot in-ear monitors. Simgot -- that is a brand I hadn't heard from in a very long time. I had reviewed one or two of their products when I was just getting into the reviewing part of this hobby years ago, and I don't know if they released much since then. But either way, I was happy to check out what they've been up to recently, and with some trusted ears of community friends praising their new products, I was on my way. sent me two of their products to check out -- the Simgot EA500 and the EW100P. They are priced at $79 and $19, respectively, and both feature 10mm dynamic drivers. So why the big price jump? The EA500 has nicer shells, cable, and swappable nozzle modules.

The EA500 has a chrome-mirrored metal finish, that looks quite nice, and shiny. The cable it comes with is a 2-wire silver colored copper cable, with a 90 degree 3.5mm connector. The IEMs terminate with 2-pin connectors to the shell, and it comes with a black zipper case.

The EA500 has detachable nozzles that will unscrew and can be replaced with another set in the box. The default set has a red rubber gasket on them, while the alternate set has black rubber gasket rings. In my measurements, the differences between the two are quite small, and subtle, and nowhere as pronounced as what I think their marketing image on the box proclaims. Since the change was so minute, I would have preferred no filters at all -- and if you've read my prior reviews on these items with filter swaps and switches, I am not a big fan of the added expense and complications. The screw-on filters cause more problems too as they can fall out over time, or get lost.

The EW100P is quite a bit cheaper, at a quarter the price point. This IEM is all-plastic, with a simpler 2-wire cable that also terminates in a 90 degree 3.5mm jack, and 2-pin connectors. The faceplate of the EW100P has a gold circle with branding and wording on it, over a dark smoke translucent plastic shell, and this look just doesn't look anywhere near as appealing as the shiny metal of the EA500. 

Both of these are very comfortable in-ear monitors and I have no complaints with fit. They are both lightweight, and the cables are maneuverable and do not impede usage and movement. 

Sound Impressions and Comparisons

Both the EA500 and EW100P attempt to follow the Simgot house target, and for the most part, they do so quite well. I also looked back at my old Simgot EN700 Pro graph from years ago, and you can see how all three share similar mids and treble with slightly varying bass responses.

This target response has a warm-tilted low end, and a pronounced upper mids and low treble, with a slightly muted treble response. The newer models extend treble better than the older models, which is something the industry has improved upon in the span of a few years.

This is what I would call a relatively safe tuning, and it should please many users -- this is the case for both the EA500 and EW100P. 

The EW100P is slightly bassier than the EA500, and I actually found that it was a more pleasant tuning. The EA500 can be a little lean at times, especially on pop rock songs I listened to from musicians such as REM and BTS, and other three letter band name artists. Michael Stipe's higher range can sound a bit shrill at times on the EA500, and is a tad more balanced on the EW100P with the bass balance.

That said, the EW100P sounds very, very dampened. It has low dynamics, and sounds rather flat and low-res. The EA500 does not suffer from these follies though, and has proper dynamic range and good impact when called upon. It's not a bassy IEM and it won't fool you into thinking it is, but it has a good attack and surprisingly enjoyable for this price point.

Which to Pick?

If I had to pick which of these I prefer tonally, it'd probably the EW100P. I think the warmer low end balances the treble better and gives me less potential fatigue. The EA500 is a more technical IEM though, with better dynamics, imaging, and resolution. This may be partially due to how its tuned, but it does exhibit better clarity, and dynamic range. 

So at the end of the day which one? That's a tough choice. I think I'd go with the EA500 because it has more potential. The EW100P may be more soothing to listen to, but it lacks a lot of technical chops. The EA500 has improved technical qualities and can be fine for some music, and a small EQ could improve it for others.

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