Valentinum IEM Case Review

This will be a quick look at the Valentinum IEM case that retails between $24 and $29 on Valentinum's Etsy store. I purchased this at the beginning of March 2023, and it arrived 4 weeks later from Kyiv, Ukraine, where they hand make each of their leather audio case products. Given the current situation in the country, I was a bit surprised they were able to keep moving forward and still deliver products to customers worldwide. It's very commendable, and wish them all the best in their times of need!

The product I purchased is a 10 x 5 x 3 centimeter Italian leather case in olive green color. It features a magnetic snap open lid that covers most of the top opening and overlaps on the front. The case does a good job of storing in-ear monitors with cables attached in it, but can also be used to store a small USB Dongle, such as the Cayin RU6 shown in the photo, along with a small USB-C cable. For this, it makes a perfect little storage case for a portable set-up to use with your phone, tablet or laptop.

Valentinum's selection varies as things go in and out of stock. His selection of IEM-sized cases vary in colors and textures, as well as square and rectangular shapes. I ended up going with the rectangular shape as shown, but I may have to go order another couple after seeing how well made these are. 

If I was to give a gripe of anything, it would be that not everything is covered. It does not make a full seal, and on both the left and right sides of the top opening will be partially exposed, so it wouldn't be good to walk with this solo in the rain. That said, that is quite an unlikely scenario as most users will be putting this case in their bag or pocket for travel.

Outside of this, and perhaps the strong leather/adhesive odor that went away after a day, I don't have any regrets with this purchase, and I am looking forward to using this for a portable travel kit for going into the office and on travel.