Tripowin Piccolo Review

The Tripowin Piccolo is a new $35 budget IEM that has a nice tonal balance, and is surprisingly smooth and enjoyable. It is available at our friends at Linsoul. The review sample was sent by them for these impressions.

I already stated that I liked them, but let's just talk about a little bit of why and what I don't like.

First off, the the Piccolo has a unusual shell design that has a texture matte finish with some squiggly cut-outs on the faceplate. The material feels like its 3D printed in this black version that I received. The silver/chrome version looks quite shiny and metallic, but I haven't seen that in real-life to know for sure.

The Piccolo also comes with a simple accessory package - a few tips and a cable. The black cable that came with the black model features four wires wound-up and then split into two similarly wound cables into each ear. The connectors are of the qdc/KZ variety, and is a connector that I feel like is going extinct, so I am a little surprised this and a couple of the new Kiwi Ears IEMs are using it.

The fit on these is so-so. While I can get a good fit and its extremely lightweight, I do think the angle of the nozzle could be a little less angled for my specific ears. They are not the most comfortable fit, and while I don't get any sharp pains, I do feel them, and I don't know if this would be something I would be totally satisfied with for extended periods of listening on a daily basis.

Sound Impressions

The Piccolo has a very nicely balanced bass and mid-range. It's treble is slightly tilted dark, but is very smooth too. Overall, this tonality is very enjoyable, and does not exhibit any fatigue nor any areas where I felt like it need more or less quantity.

This IEM is a single dynamic driver, and so its coherency should be quite good, and it is. I thought they overall presentation is very smooth, enjoyable, and never felt disjointed or awkward. 

The bass range has a nice amount of quantity and has decent resolution. It doesn't feature a lot of depth and texture, but it also does not lack any mud. The Piccolo does not feature a big deal of subbass rumble nor does it have a punchy hit either. Instead, I found it a little lacking in low-end dynamics.

The mid-range is well balanced, and perhaps tilts a little more forward for female vocals. Timbre is generally accurate, though sometimes it does sound like music is running through a filter of some sorts. This could be due to the darker void in the treble range that makes the overall presentation less exciting and less dynamic. 

We get a very relaxing and smooth sound. It works for some music and may not work well for others. There is a peak that does show up in the treble range on my graph, but I can't say that it bothered me with the music I listened to. Your miles may vary here.

Finally, the Piccolo is a decent cheap IEM with a unique look and design, a likely polarizing fit, and a sound that is a bit conservative and gentle, but not perfect.

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