Spinfit W1 and Omni Ear Tip Review: Everything My Ears Need

For a few years I’ve almost exclusively used spinfit tips on all my IEM reviews. I’ve cycled through every tip they’ve had minus their double flange offerings. My favorites being the super deep and wide bore CP500 and their medium size bore CP145. When I saw the release of the W1, I instantly purchased some to see if they would make for a better fitment and replacement to the CP145. Then, for the IEMs that wouldn’t work with a longer tip like the CP145/W1 I would normally use a shorter and smaller bore CP360. After using the W1 tips for many months, whenever I did need to use the CP360, I always wished they would just make a shorter W1 tip since I preferred that design. That’s where the new Omni tips come in! The W1 tips have been out for a while but the OMNI is a new set of tips that complement the W1 tips well from my testing. The W1 tips are sold in a single pack of S,M,L for $19.99 and the Omni comes in single packs for ~$9.99.

Quick shoutout to my friends over at Spinfit for sending a few packs of their Omni to check out and review. While I always appreciate the chance to test and review products sent in from manufacturers or dealers, it never affects the rating of my reviews.

Info can be found on their website below for more info on the tips.

W1 info:
Omni info:

Onto the review of the Spinfit W1 & Omni tips!

Looks and fit

The W1 tips use a different design than their older CP line of tips and the W1 has a more grippy silicone texture which for my ears does really well at holding IEMs in place. Assuming I can get the correct fitment and angle on different IEMs for my specific ears. These use their original flexible tip which is just a little bit of thin and flexible stem between the top of the tip and the thicker stem which allows for the tip to bend at an angle in any direction. This is where the “Spinfit” name comes from and I’m glad they continue to use this design. This makes for a more comfortable fit inside the ear or even at the entrance of the ear canal since you have less pressure from the IEM nozzle angle or even the IEM cable which means a more stable and consistent fit when moving around. The bore is a medium- wide size and the stem is a stiff straight double layer design. The stiff design has good grip on the inside of the stem which means IEMs without a lip on the nozzle won’t likely have the issue of the tip eventually sliding off after months of use. They still stretch so taking off the tips off a thick nozzle IEM months later and throwing them onto a thin nozzle will be an issue. The length and width of the W1 tips are a little longer in length and the width is about average compared to most normal tips. Great for getting deep seals or cheating and getting a seal with a bigger size at the entrance of the ear canal. 

The new Omni shape is mostly the same design as the W1. It uses the same nice silicone that grips well and the same double layer stem design that grips onto IEM nozzles well. The tips are shorter than the W1 and are closer in overall length to the CP360 tips. The difference is that the CP360 has a stem that doesn’t reach down to the end of the ear tip and the Omni stem will reach all the way down or close to the end of it’s ear tip. So you get the benefits of the shorter CP360 but in a W1 design. The Stem isn’t straight walled like the W1 and instead has three different points to lock in the tip to the nozzle of an IEM. In theory you could adjust the length of the tip from the nozzle but I rarely did that and just moved the tip as far down the nozzle as possible. This should help with the large variety of nozzle designs. Plus it’s still a strong silicone stem so it grips to lip-less nozzles just fine. The bore is the same medium-wide size as the W1.

Packaging and accessories

The W1 still only comes in a S,M,L pack but the packaging looks nice from memory. I was only sent packaging for the Omni this time so I won’t have W1 package pictures. I do wish the W1 tips could be purchased in a specific size. I only ever need the medium most of the time and a few large sizes here and there.

The Omni is only available in specific sizes which is fine. If you’ve used the W1 tips, then pick a size up. As an example, a medium W1 tip width is large in Omni sizing. The large W1 is an extra large size for Omni. If you’ve used the CP360, the sizes match, large is a large in Omni and extra large is extra large in Omni. The omni boxes are small recycled paper boxes and they look super well designed. Might seem silly to get excited about packaging but they make good use of the box size and I feel like someone at Spinfit put effort into the package design. 


These final impressions were done off the Eversolo DAC-Z8 connected to the SMSL SP400. These impressions are what the Spinfit W1 and Omni tips sounded like to my ears with all the IEMs I used. Things like IEM/TWS selection and ear shape will produce different results and impressions vs what my ears hear on my specific gear.

The W1 and Omni tips with their medium-wide bore provide a nice balanced sound. I would say the bass maintains a good balance of slam and impact and adds just the smallest amount of color to the sound. The mids sound about the same with other equally sized tips and I usually find the vocals sound a little more natural and life-like with these tips. The upper mids sound about accurate vs other equally sized tips but the treble can have a little extra energy depending on the IEM. If a specific IEM has a metallic end tone, it will definitely come though on both the W1 and Omni. Which gives me the sense that the W1 and Omni resolve well with paired IEMs. I do feel the treble tends to sound more airy on the W1 and Omni but this could be the design of the inner bore. The sound stage is a little wider and deeper sounding vs other wider bore tips and the imaging is accurate.

The Tip sound Differences
So what’s the difference in sound between the Omni and W1? Nothing! When I get both tip sizes to match and do my best to insert both the same depth into my ear, I don’t notice anything different sound wise. Given the design of both being almost the same minus the length of the tip and the different catch point for the nozzle on the Omni, both should sound the same. The reason to pick one over the other really comes down to what fitment works better with your specific IEMs. For those who have multiple IEMs, will understand the struggle of tip rolling and probably just buy every size they normally use from other brands and play the tip rolling trial and error game. The newcomers to tip rolling might want to grab the multipack of the W1 and a few sizes of the Omni in a size up from their normal ear tip size and experiment with what works best with their collection.

Why I use Spinfit Tips
I use Spinfit tips for pretty much all my IEM reviews. Why don’t I stick with the normal stock tips most of the time or use other tips? Well, it comes down to my ear canals and the fact that they tend to get lightly wet/oily when using IEMs. I’m very fortunate that I don’t have wax issues and I’ve never had wax get into my nozzles but because of the light moisture, many tips will lose their seal after a few minutes. I’ve tried every type of tip I can think of, everything from Azla’s line of tips, Spiral dots, all of the funky stock manufacturer tips and lots of exotic tips I run into here and there. While a lot of the tips I’ve tried were hit or miss when it came to comfort and the ability to hold a seal in my ear, the Spinfit tips almost always seem to work on any IEM I try them on. The slight grippy texture of the Spinfit W1 and Omni really do hold well in my ear and I almost never have to readjust them in my ears. The closest tips I can think of that work for my ears consistently are the Azla Xelastic tips that shape to the ear with heat.  I think they’re great but even those deform and don’t work out long term for me.

Overall thoughts

So! Does this mean the Spinfit line of tips are the best out there and nothing beats them? No, I think there are other great and very neat/unique options out there. For years, I've had Spinfit tips work on every IEM I’ve listened to and reviewed. The W1 and Omni cover pretty much every IEM I’ve tried recently and the W1 tips have held up well over a longer period of time so far from my personal collection. I love the sound I get from the W1 and Omni and these tips both get a high recommendation! As with all ear tips, it takes trial and error to get the best fit for one's ear shape but I think the W1 and Omni are both worth checking out if possible. The W1 and Omni tips cover both my CP145 and CP360 needs but I did mention in the beginning that I really liked their unique CP500 which was a long tip with a super wide bore but those are hard to get to work with most IEMs due to the wide stem design. So I’m hoping they make an updated version of CP500 one day utilizing the stiffer stem design. Great job to the team at Spinfit and I look forward to what they come out with next. For my ears, their tips are truly everything I need! Thanks for reading!!!

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