PlusSound Exo Series Cable Review

PlusSound is a small cable maker from Los Angeles, and have recently also expanded to making IEMs with their Allegro unit. In this review, I'll take a look at their standard and popular Exo 4-wire in-ear monitor cable that I bought recently. 

The Exo starts at $199 and can increase significantly depending on the user options. And these options are plentiful. There are different cable metal wire types, different braid styles, different connector options, lengths, and even connector colors. It's quite user customizable, and their website makes it rather easy to choose your selections.

I ended up picking up the 4-wire Exo for my Unique Melody MEST CIEM in the following configuration:

  • Silver Plated Copper wire
  • 4-wire round braid
  • 4.4mm gold-plated source connector
  • qdc/UM style extruded 2-pin connectors
  • Rose Gold connectors for both 4.4mm and 2-pin connectors
  • Rose Gold splitter
  • Black chin strap slider

The cable took about 3 weeks from order to delivery and after opening the box, I wished I had ordered a couple more for my other IEMs!

These are the types of cables I've been wanting to find for IEMs for a long time. They have the perfect thickness, suppleness, and weight that I've been looking for. The customizable connector colors gives me the exact look I want, and the connectors are very solid and attractive. I have basically nothing bad to say about how it looks, feels, and its general usability. Nothing.

The silver-plated copper has a silvery look to it, and the 4-wire round braid makes it very flexible and easy to wind into a small circle for storage in my carrying case.

The connector for the 4.4mm jack isn't necessarily the longest or biggest one I've used, but it feels well-made and sleek. The weird qdc/kz/um extruded 2-pin connector is a bit different than what I've been accustomed to seeing. Normally, these connectors have a bent shape, but the one PlusSound chose is a straight vertical connector, not too different than any normal 2-pin, except for the clear portion which has the female connector housing that makes this connection type unique. This does make it sit a bit more proud than I am used to, but for my CIEM case, this makes it more comfortable too.

The PlusSound cable was a bit of a blind buy for me, but I really liked the look of it from photos and I'm pretty happy with the purchase so far. It provides a modern and minimalistic look while also being extremely comfortable and lightweight to wear. It's going on my recommendation list for aftermarket cables.

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