Kefine Delci Review

Kefine is a new audio brand out of China that have launched a couple products to market. This review will take a look at their dynamic driver IEM, the Delci. The product was provided directly from Kefine for reviewing.

The Delci features a 10mm Polyurethane + Diamond-like Carbon (DLC) driver within aluminum gunmetal gray shells. The product is $59 and available on various online retailers.

The product also comes with a very nice cable that is a 4-wire braid mixing 2 wires of  light copper with 2 wires of dark brown color that gives the cable a bit of a unique and luxurious look. The connectors are all aluminum and match the IEM shells, while terminating in 3.5mm stereo jack and 2-pin connectors.

Sound Impressions

Kefine went with a very warm and balanced tuning choice with the Delci and its tuned quite well, with a fairly smooth and lifted bass range through the mids. The upper mid-range and treble are very easy to listen to, but there is a small peak in the mid-treble that only sometimes peeks out to be sharp on some cymbal attacks. Overall, the tuning is very nicely done and can be considered a gentle V-shaped tuning.

The low end is quite punchy with good impact. The dynamics are quite lively on Daft Punk's Fragments of Time, and surprisingly handles this track very well. Cymbals don't sound too bright and the busy passages are well controlled as is the bass section. The Delci's texturing may not be the best here, but it's really great for a budget IEM.

On a rock track like Vatican by Laterns on the Lake, the haunting lead vocals come across very clear and the echoes of Hazel Wilde's voice as it disappears in the background whisper away on the Delci. Again, I am very impressed with how smooth and engaging this IEM sounds with this track. Like on Daft Punk, the drumming from Radiohead's Phil Selway is punchy, and provides a good kick when needed.

I also tried a bit of piano jazz with the Delci, listening to the live recording of Bill Laurance Trio at Ronnie Scott's. On "The Good Things", the IEM was able to handle all the most intense parts with Laurance's piano melodies in full swing, and the electric bass guitar strumming heavily and drums on high octane. Kick drums are heavy on this track and the Delci had great impact when they struck. The soundstage felt more intimate overall, like I was sitting in the front of the show, but surprisingly did not feel like it was overwhelmed with poor separation here.

Final Thoughts

The Delci is a great single DD IEM from Kefine. It's tuned very well to my preferences, and works well with all the genres I threw at it. I am pretty impressed with the sound for the low price of just $59, and this easily becomes one of my recommendations at this price point. If I were to change anything with it, I'd consider lowering the treble slightly after 7KHz to reduce it for those who are more sensitive to brightness, but overall this tuning works well.