Simgot EA1000 IEM Review

Simgot's EA1000 "Fermat" is a dynamic driver IEM that features 2-drivers, one of which is a normal powered dynamic driver, and a second one being a passive radiator. While passive radiators are commonly found in desktop powered speakers to get a bass impact response when typical smaller speakers can't achieve it, there's only been a small handful of IEMs that have only recently started adding similar ideas into an in-ear monitor.

The EA1000 sells for $219 USD and is available at many retailers including Linsoul and Amazon and AliExpress. The product was sent for review directly from the manufacturer.

Simgot gets a lot of kudos for their presentation of accessories here. The included light gray polyurethane-leather case is really cute and small, but fully functional. It has a magnetic closing flip lid, with enough space for the IEMs and a small pocket for the detachable filters and other small accessories. 

The included cable is a matching silver/white 2-wire cable that terminates in chromed-aluminum 3.5mm jack and 2-pin connectors to the shells. There is subtle color in the way of the gold-chrome chin strap hardware, and a very subtle rose-gold rim along the faceplate. It's otherwise a very minimalistic and white-out look that I think looks really great.

Simgot is really big into the filter game, and they've included 3 pairs of filters that change the tuning ever so slightly. The default setting is a chrome/red nozzle, with an additional set of chrome/black, and gold nozzles included. The red setting is my favorite of the bunch, while the black is just a tick more upper-mids/lower treble. The gold adds even more upper-mids and makes it more forward sounding and was my least favorite.

Sound Impressions

The EA1000 has a slightly U-shaped sound that almost enters in V-shape territory with a bass range that has a slight focus in the mid-bass, and a slightly recessed mid-range followed by a slightly uneven treble range that changes depending on the filter of choice. 

The key feature of the EA1000 that I really liked was how dynamic it sounded with good impact and punch, while also providing a very clean presentation. It's perhaps a tad thin despite having an elevated mid-bass, and that's likely due to the faster-sounding driver and focused energy in the treble range.

That aside, it does lend its way to having good imaging and sound separation, and I was surprised by a lot of the technical aspects of this IEM. It could use a tad more meat in the bones on some tracks, but it's still more than enjoyable.

On some female vocal tracks, such as Maeta's Cool Cat, there are some occasional highs that can be a little abrasive and its not quite as smooth as I'd like playing it out of the Hiby R3 II audio player. With the Fiio M15S, this is tamed down a bit though, and I really enjoyed the pairing of these two. Once I enabled my preferred MESB setting, the Hiby R3 II's treble sharpness did subside enough though.

All of that taken into account, I found the EA1000 Fermat to be a nicely tuned IEM that can perhaps be a tad bright on some notably treble-heavy tracks, but it has surprisingly good technical chops that I don't think I was really expecting given what I would have considered a gimmicky Passive Radiator driver and a single DD. 

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